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Our Blue Gate signature full body workout perfect for everyone! You will definitely burn tons of calories and feel great every single time, these classes are shaped from beginners to advanced.


HIIT workouts have been proven to boost metabolism and build strength, whilst burning an insane amount of calories in a shorter period of time


Power Pump is perfect for someone who wants more out of their workout classes. We have combined weight and functional training to give you a workout that has a balance between strength and body conditioning. Get familiar with weights and resistance training.


YOGA – We will be transitioning from pose to pose while connecting our breaths to each movement. Improves flexibility, balance and helps relax the mind through a combination of sun salutations, standing balances and mat work.


An super fun and exciting class presented on fitness specific trampolines. Bounce to the music and get your heart rate up with professional instructors that will keep your jumping for joy through this workout.


Full body workout based on strength and flexibility. The Interval is made out of +-40 sec work and +- 20 sec rest. All sessions includes: Core & abdominal strengthening, balance improvement & flexibility, shoulder & upper body strength.

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